Web Design Trends for 2022


Web Design Trends for 2022

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Trends come and go in every market, web design included. Here are the most likely trends forecasted for web design in 2022. Keep in mind that trends are just that, some can stay and some are rejected quickly.



Large Text

Larger text in place of images is the number one trend with web design for 2022. Typography can say a lot and it is becoming bigger and bolder.


Visible Borders

Utilizing lines and borders around elements to structure pages is a common trend. It highlighted segments of pages such as paragraphs, titles, products, text, and taking it back to the style of newspapers.


Interactive Elements

Creating elements on the page that are interactive and invite the user to spend time with them. Animation and hover designs that are intriguing to encourage the user to learn about the website and product.


Neo Brutalism

Think minimalist design, light style, and raw materials.


Scrolling Experiences

Scrolling design morphed into experiences on the page as you move through effects and make your way to the bottom of the page to view all the content and intrigue users.


Single Page Websites

Creating a single page design that incorporates all required elements and forces you to be thoughtful about how you utilize space.

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